Buller REAP supports the development of cohesive, healthy and empowered individuals and whānau within the Buller district.

We serve the communities of Buller through the provision of community education, schools support and early childhood opportunities for our communities. We also offer community development, youth counselling & living support and OSCAR holiday programmes.

Buller REAP operates services and programmes across the three stages of education; early childhood, schools and adult & community. We also offer a wide variety of social support programmes to assist, children and their whanau, teens, adults and senior citizens. We provide information to the general public and can refer or facilitate to meet needs of groups and individuals. Community Development is a service and an overall focus of Buller REAP.

Buller REAP facilitates and advises on pre-school and family support, co-ordinates school tours and specialist tutors into schools, operates holiday programmes, collaborates with youth providers for various youth centred programmes, offers Adult and Community Education support and facilitation, operates a Positive Aging programme with rest home visits, elderly support and excursions. We provide resources (books, room and equipment hire services, activity trailer, etc),

Buller REAP provides and accepts referrals to other support agencies; we partner and collaborate with various civic and legal organisations, provide administrative support to external groups (Newcomers Network, St. John Ambulance, etc.) and offer advice and guidance to local committees and clubs.

Buller REAP assists young people receiving financial assistance from Work and Income (YP/YPP) to comply with their obligations and achieve sustained education, training or employment outcomes.  Assisting youth aged 16-17 that are not engaged in education, employment or training (NEET) to achieve sustained education, training or employment outcomes.

We work with all schools in the Buller District, as well as DHB’s, Oranga Tamariki, Police, WiNZ, BDC, and a variety of NGO organisations.

Buller REAP offers a variety of additional services to the public including photocopying (B&W and Colour), scanning, faxing, typing, binding, mailbox drop, messaging, meeting room rental, skype availability. Buller REAP also rents out Henley Hall (with kitchen, tables, chairs) for larger gatherings.

You may become a member of Buller REAP and receive the above services at a discount.

Contact us for further details about membership.

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