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What courses do we run?

Our courses cover a range of life skills and employment skills, aimed at providing members of the community with increased confidence in these areas.

Our courses include Financial Capability (Sorted), Learner license theory, CV’s for employment Pathways Literacy and Numeracy, a variety of digital programmes, individual learner support, Te Reo/Tikanga/whanau programmes, employment skills for volunteers and migrant residents.  These courses are all non-qualification based and part-time.

Is it for you?

Our courses are available to Westport community  members who are over 16 and not registered in the secondary school system.

Most of the courses are aimed at providing increased confidence, life skills and employment opportunities.

You might be interested in getting back into the workforce, or learning a new skill to improve your careers, or opportunities to support your community.

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Our Programmes


Boost your financial wellbeing with Sorted Who hasn’t layed awake at some point in their lives worrying about money? For nearly half of us those conce …

Pathways Awarua

Pathways Awarua is developed by the Tertiary Education Commission to support adult and young adult learners to strengthen their literacy and numeracy …

CV Development

This 2.5 to 5 hour programme (depending on need) will take your through the process of setting up a new CV or looking at your current one.  Find out w …

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